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Welsh in the Old West: Illustrated by Lorin Morgan-Richards

Welsh in the Old West by Lorin Morgan-Richards

Over thirty biographies of known and lesser known emigrants from Wales and Welsh descendants whose lives helped shape the American West as we know it today. Fully illustrated by select artists from Wales and the US depicting these pioneers, outlaws, inventors, military leaders, miners, and more. A special foreword by Jude Johnson, author of Cactus Cymry

Jesse James jumped onto his horse and raced up to the engine where Cole had the engineer pinned down. “Give her a toot, Cole!” Jesse shouted, as Cole yanked the whistle and laughed like a child. Before the 10 robbers left the scene, Jesse tossed a stick to the engineer. “Give this to the newspapers. We like to do things in style." Thus providing his own press release of the train robbery.

Artists involved and their depictions:
Anna Hughes - John Thomas Evans
Michele Witchipoo – Daniel Boone, Jesse James
Nichola Hope – Oliver Evans, John T. Morris
Rochelle Rosenkild – Meriwether Lewis
Kimberly Wlassak - William Sherley “Old Bill” Williams
Carys Evans - Colonel Cadwallader Jones
Sarah Hope – William Fargo, Morgan Jones
Briana Lopez – Dan Jones
Shelby Criswell – Alexander Hamilton Swan
Karen M. Richards - Colonel John Hunt Morgan
Geri E. Gallas – Elias Morris
Jo Mazelis – Annie Ellis, Jesse Evans, Robert Mills (Owen Roscomyl)
Robert Karr – Frank James
Neale Howells – Henry Clay Vaughn
Anthony Richards - John Reynolds Hughes
Siobhan Owen - Major William H. Llewellyn
Rhys Jones - John Wightman (Frank Clifford)
Kerry Evans – John Perrett (Potato Creek Johnny)
Penny Richards – Willa Cather
Xavier Lopez Jr. – Harvey Alexander Logan (Kid Curry)