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The Children's Voice: A Definitive Collection of Welsh Nursery Rhymes

The Children's Voice by Peter Anthony Freeman features 27 different artists from the US and Wales bridged together to create the most cherished and timeless Welsh nursery rhyme book imagined.

The Children's Voice includes an all-star cast of illustrators from Nathan Wyburn (Abergavenny, UK) jamming Y Broga Bach on toast, Anthony Richards of Ammanford, UK dripping Bwrw Glaw, and Siobhan Owen rendering Fuoch chi Rioed yn Morio?, and many more!

Freeman is at his best revealing the origin and background of the Welsh rhymes, providing the reader with meaningful insight into Welsh family dynamics and how social and economic factors impacted the roots of the stories told.


  1. Y Broga Bach by Nathan Wyburn, 
  2. Bwrw Glaw by Anthony Richards, 
  3. Fuoch Chi Rioed Yn Morio? by Siobhan Owen, 
  4. Ty A Gardd by Michele Witchipoo, 
  5. Hen Wraig Fach by Kimberly Wlassak, 
  6. Mynd Drot Drot by Rochelle Shelly Rosenkild, 
  7. Migldi Magldi by Brian Kenny, 
  8. Jac Y Do by Nichola Hope, 
  9. Gee Ceffyl Bach by Sarah Hope, 
  10. Cwyd Dafydd Bach by Rhys Jones, 
  11. Bonheddwr Mawr O'r Bala by Kerry Evans, 
  12. Tali Tali by Jo Mazelis, 
  13. Oes Gafr Eto by Judy Adamson, 
  14. Robin Goch by Gaabriel Becket, 
  15. Y Deryn Bach Syw by Xavier Lopez Jr., 
  16. Dacw Dadi'n Mynd I'r Ffair by Jason Shepherd, 
  17. Deryn Y Bwn O’r Banna by Adrien Burke, 
  18. Bachgen Bach O Dincer by Danny Walden, 
  19. Mae Gen I Ddafad Gorniog by Robert Karr, 
  20. Hen Fenyw Fach Cydweli by John Charles, 
  21. Gwen A Mair Ac Elin by Grasiela Rodriguez, 
  22. Dau Gi Bach by Casey Ruic, 
  23. Ton, Ton, Ton! by Lorin Morgan-Richards,
  24. Ty Bach Twt by Daniele Serra,
  25. Os Gwelwch Chi'n Dda Ga'i grempog? by Spine Stealer, 
  26. Y March Glas by Laurent Castiau,
  27. Pedoli, Pedoli by Karen Richards